What is IDP.Generic Virus? Should You Worry About It

Idp Generic Virus
Idp Generic Virus

Windows is one of the most prominent OS that has almost everything that a human needs to ease their work. Whether it is related to any software or any kinds of machinery works. Windows is continuously developing and expanding. One of the major threat that always makes worried is the IDP Generic virus.

But with development, it also has several problems including malware and viruses that lead to preventing it from being more successful. You often heard by many of your friends or colleagues that their windows have been infected by trojans and Viruses that are continuously crashing their system or causing harm to their device.

There are several viruses that are often detected while scanning it with antivirus software and IDP. The generic virus is one of them but the main question that arrives is IDP.Generic is a virus or not?

Well, if you a tech-geek, you better understand the complex systems and file types of Windows often make-believe antiviruses that a certain file or application is a virus because the antivirus cannot detect all the components in a file and that’s the reason it detects certain files and applications as trojans.

So, let’s understand about IDP Generic virus.

What is IDP.Generic Virus

IDP.Generic virus is a harmful virus that can cause a threat to your system. It can be detected by the Identity Detection Protection component of your antivirus. This feature helps to identify certain file types that have been infected by trojans, malware and viruses.

The .Generic terms mean that the threat was found in a generic file. The avast antivirus detects IDP.Generic as a virus. But there can also be false-positive reports that make you believe that any particular file or software is infected with this virus.

This virus is dangerous because it works in a stealth mode and causes you money loss, identity theft and also steals your bank account details, social media account details and many more. So, if you found that your antivirus has detected this virus you have to take a deep look at this to rectify it from your computer. As it can be a real report or

How to Remove IDP.Generic Virus

How to remove IDP Generic virus

If you have received an IDP.Generic virus warning you definitely want to remove it completely from your windows but as you have understood that IDP Generic virus can also be a false positive report but to remain on the safe side you just have to make sure that everything is good from your side so that you don’t have to worry.

Basically, there are three methods by which you can avoid getting an IDP Generic virus and remove it completely from your device. So, let’s have a look at the best methods to remove this virus.

1. Update Java and Antivirus Software

The first and best method that always works to identify IDP Generic Virus is to update Java and Antivirus Software. This is because if you have an older version of antivirus it can show false positive reports of Viruses. It is a common problem that generally occurs with most of us. So, whenever your antivirus identifies any trojan, just make sure you check whether your antivirus is updated with the latest version.

After updating, run a full scan and if again shows that files or application as IDP.Generic Virus make sure you uninstall and delete that file or application from windows.

2. Reset Your Device

Another possible solution to remove IDP Generic Virus is to reset your computer. After Updating the Antivirus if it still shows the virus, you can reset your computer to revert it when your computer is not affected by this trojan.

This solution is perfect for those who are having trouble updating the antivirus and another benefit of this method is that it can completely remove all the trojans from your computer and protects your data from being infected with trojans.

Should You Worry About IDP.Generic Virus

IDP.Generic virus is harmful to you as well as your computer and it is something that needs attention and you must rectify this error. But many times it happens that IDP Generic Avast shows a false-positive report of this trojan.

So, if you find this trojan in your computer, you have to perform the above-mentioned methods to eradicate it and if gets fixed with any of the above methods then you may not need to worry because you have fixed the issue of the Virus problem.

But keep in mind these types of viruses can be easily injected into your computer again. So you have to take care of some of the things that cause this trojan to get injected into your Device.

Let’s find How Can You Avoid Getting These viruses.

How to Avoid Getting IDP Generic Virus

This virus can be injected into computers in various manners. For example, it can be downloaded with any software or file, through suspicious emails, through websites that have been flooded with ads, etc.

So, you have to make sure that you should not download any trojan on your computer. Let’s have a look at some methods that you should do to remain safe from these viruses.

1. Download Any File or Software from trusted Source Only

This is one of the most important factors that triggered this virus to get injected into your computer. So if you have to download any software or files you should only download it from a trusted source. And you must avoid this mistake.

2. Check the file With Antivirus

Antivirus is an essential part of a computer that protects your data from being stolen. So, if you download any application from websites, just double-check it with your antivirus to make everything good from your side.

3. Do not visit Websites that display Pop-Up Ads

Websites that have lots of pop-up ads is another reason for getting injected with these trojans. These websites inject malware into your computer without your consent. And that is the reason you should avoid these types of websites.

So, if you follow the above method, you can easily avoid downloading any trojans on your computer. And by this, you can easily protect your data from others.


Detecting IDP.Generic does not always mean that your device has been infected with this trojan, it can be a false report as well. It can be hard to verify whether it is a trojan or just a fake warning. But if you are having difficulty while solving this issue, you can just rest your computer. It will make everything good and will completely remove all the files.

Additionally, you can also use antivirus and give control to it. If it detects any file or software as trojan just delete it to remain safe.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is IDP Generic a virus?

Ans: Yes, it is a virus but sometimes it can be just a false report from your IDP Generic Avast antivirus.

2. Is IDP.Generic in Steam Executable a virus or a False Positive?

Ans: It can be both, mostly the report comes from Avast or AVG Antivirus program. It mostly shows a file as an IDP Generic threat. So, if you are not a tech-savvy to fix this problem. Then you can contact the support team or any of your colleague that can help you in this matter

3. Is IDP.Generic is Dangerous?

Ans: If it is a false report then you don’t need to worry but if it is a real report and this can be dangerous for you as well as for your computer.

4. Should I delete IDP Generic?

Ans: If you found this malware detected even after updating your antivirus then it is recommended to delete that file.