Just Enough Items (JEI) Mod in Minecraft: A Detailed Guide

Just Enough Items mod in minecraft
Just Enough Items mod in minecraft

Minecraft has thousands of mods that are too complex to remember everything and every mod. There are hundreds if not thousands of mods available and remembering every mod along with its recipe is next to impossible for almost every player. This is where you need Just Enough Items Mod in Minecraft. JEI Mod, often abbreviated as JustEnoughItems is one of the best mods for such type of player who wants to keep a record of every mod along with its recipe.

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Minecraft - How To Download & Install Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items (JEI) is quite similar to Not Enough Items (NEI). They both offer the same features. But this guide will help you to know everything about Just Enough Items Mod in Minecraft.

Let’s begin to explore more about JEI Mod in Minecraft.

What is Just Enough Items Mod in Minecraft

JEI full abbreviated as Just Enough Items is a mod that offers the features to view an item and recipe of any mod in Minecraft. JEI works apparently similar to Not Enough Items (JEI). Remembering every mod and all items recipe is pretty much difficult and that’s where JEI has got the back of the players by providing them with the feature to view all the recipes of the item along with mods.

The design has pretty much simple that offers the flexibility to use this mod at ease. You can easily search for any recipe and mod from the database of hundreds of recipes.

So, you might be now familiar with JEI and now we will proceed further on the installation process of the Just Enough Items mod in Minecraft.

How to Install JustEnoughItems (JEI) Mod in Minecraft

The installation process of JEI is too easy and for doing this you don’t have to be tech-savvy for this. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to do it easily.

1. First of all download and install Minecraft Forge if it is not installed.

2. Now, head over to the page of Just Enough Items Mod and download the version according to your Minecraft game.

3. After that, locate the Minecraft folder.

  • Windows: Open Run from the Start menu of Windows, then simply type %appdata% and click on the run button.
  • Mac: Open Finder and hold ALT and then click on Go on Library in the top bar. Now open the application folder Support and look for Minecraft.
  • Linux: Open the terminal and type this command (cd ~/.minecraft) without brackets.

4. After locating, you have to find a folder called Mods and it doesn’t exist, just create a folder with this name.

5. Now, move the JustEnoughItems.jar file which you have downloaded from the JEI page into the Mods folder.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the JEI in Minecraft. Simply launch the Minecraft game with Forge and there you will see the Just Enough Items mod.

How to Use JEI in Minecraft

Below are the basic commands that will help you in finding the mods recipe, uses and Item list. Just follow the below guide.

On Inventory: (Go to Minecraft Options > Controls)

  • For Showing Recipes: Just Hover to any item + R. This will show the recipe of that item.
  • For Showing Uses: Hover to any item + U. This will show you the uses of that particular item.
  • Toggle Item List: Control + O. This will toggle the items list overlay.

On Item List;

  • For Showing Recipes: Click any Item or type R. This will show you the recipe of that item.
  • For Showing Uses Just Right-Click on any item or type U. This will help you to view the uses of that item.
  • Next & Previous page: Use Scroll Wheel. With this, you can scroll from one page to another.


  • For Selecting Search Bar: Click on Control + F. This will help you in selecting the search bar.
  • For Clearing Search: Simply Right Click on it. This will clear the search.
  • For Showing Previous Search: Up Arrow. This will show you the previous search.
  • To Search by Mod Name: Type @ in front of a word. This will help you to find any mod by typing @ along with the mod name.

The above are the ways by which you can use this JEI mod to search for any mod along with viewing its recipes and mods name.

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JEI is one of the best things in Minecraft that helps you to view all mods along with their details and recipes. However, JEI is quite similar to NEI in the interface. You must read some other guides like Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding to know more about it.