League of Legends: Find out How Much Money You’ve Spent

How much money I have spent on League of Legends
How much money I have spent on League of Legends

There are several internet laws introduced in the past few years including GDPR also known as EU General Data Protection Regulation and CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act). All the Webmasters and website owners were directed to reveal the information collected by users and hence provide transparent detail regarding the collection of the data from the users.

As GDPR was introduced, its main motive was to guide and regulate the ways that companies handle and use the personal information of the users within the EU. Similarly, CCPA was introduced to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection from the residents of California, United States.

This also includes Games including Riot, where they show the users how much money they’ve spent in the game. According to the 2019 survey, the average U.S  League of Legends player spent nearly $92 on this game per year.

Let’s have a look at the detailed guide of How much money I’ve spent on League of Legends.

What Can I Spend My Money On in League of Legends

Basically, there are two currencies used in League of Legends. One is Blue Essence (BE) and the other one is Riot Points (RP). Earning both of these currencies requires different actions. For example, you can earn Blue Essence (BE) by playing the game but Riot Points can only be obtained by purchasing them with real-world currency.

With RP, you can buy several in-game items including emotes, skins, Hextech Chests. The cost for an item depends on its category. Some can be more expensive and some can be less but all the items need to be purchased.

How Much Money Have I Spent in LOL (League of Legends)

Finding out how much you have spent on League of Legends can be done from its official website. For that, you have to visit the Riot Support Page. Then you have to log in with your League of Legends account information. After that, you will see the amount of money you have spent on League of Legends.

The amount you will see is only calculated for a particular region on your account. This means if you have multiple accounts on LOL and in different regions then you’ll need to log in on every account to see the total value money wasted on League of Legends.

The value you will see is derived by looking at every type of transaction you’ve made while purchasing an item from the game. This includes skins, emotes, purchasing event passes or gifting other users. So, you can get the estimated total value that you’ve spent on the game. You can also request some more data by opening a request ticket.

Request More Data by Opening Ticket

If you like to get the breakdown of what you’ve spent on LOL. You can make a date request by opening data requesting a ticket. Previously, when someone wants to get the detailed expense history of their account, they have to write a letter along with a $5 fee.

But, now with the strict rule of the internet about privacy and data, the riot games have made it easy for gamers to request the data by just opening the request ticket.

For opening a data request ticket in LoL, the user has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Go to the Riot “Submit a Request” Page.

2. Sign in with a League of Legends account.

3. For “Choose a Request Type” and select “Account request.”

4. Then select “Formal Personal Data Request”  in the please select your inquiry tab.

5. Then a new “Please select an inquiry” section will appear. After that, choose “I want a full data request.”

6. A form will appear. Fill it with the necessary information and click on the submit button.

That’s gonna do the work. You’ll have to wait around 30 days to get the details. The details that you will receive in your Email will be in a Zip file. So, you have to extract it to know the data you have requested.


League of Legends is a popular game and most of the players spent money on it. So, riots have made transparency by letting urse show the amount of money they have spent on the League of Legends game.