LSPDFR Controls, Installation, Keybindings And How To Change It

LSPDFR Controls
LSPDFR Controls

No one can deny that GTA-V is still the most popular game that has such amazing graphics. GTA 5 comes with tons of mod packs and LSPDFR is one of them. LSPDFR stands for Los Santos Police Department First Response. It is a mod of GTA V that allows you to play as a police officer in the game. Let’s know more about LSPDFR Controls.

This police mod is super exciting because you can do lots of things as an officer in the game. With this mod, you can take part in chasing the suspect and criminal, customize your office the way you like, arrest the suspect and even many more things

By doing this you have to know all the LSPDFR Controls. This mod comes with lots of keybindings and without knowing the key combination, you cannot perform the above function or enjoy this mod feature.

So, we have tried our best to mention the vanilla keybinding (LSPDFR Mod) to make the task easier for you. You can also use the below same to check the keybinding and Controls.

List of Vanilla LSPDFR Controls

The below is the list of controls used in LSPDFR. These key bindings are for PC and it changes sometimes when an update of the game releases. So, give it a try to check the below mentioned Vanilla LSPDFR Controls.

1. B – Backup

2. 16. 0 or 6 – Calculate Route to the Nearest Jail

3. B – Crime Report

4. Left Ctrl+J – Place a Barricade to Close the Road

5. Q – Frisk Suspect

6. N – Police Car/Pursuit Menu

7. F4 – Open Console

8. E – Cuff (Hold E whilst standing on top of them)

9. E – Make Suspect Sit (Press E whilst cuffed)

10. Y – Answer/Accept Callout

11.  N – Interaction Menu

12. E – Stop Suspect/Hands Up (Hold E while pointing a gun at someone)

13. LEFT SHIFT – Start or Stop Traffic

14. J – Toggle Siren

15. 14. Ctrl+F10 – Toggle Traffic Control Menu

16. Ctrl+U – Stop Traffic

17. Q – Police Computer

18. Left Ctrl+T – Follow Me

19. 0 – Go to Court

20. T – Attempt Repair

The aforementioned are some of the best LSPDFR Controls and Keybindings that will definitely help you to play the GTA 5 Game mod easily.

How to Install LSPDFR GTA 5 on PC

LSPDFR Controls in GTA 5 Mod

The installation process of this LSPDFR is pretty much easy and simple as you do not need to have technical knowledge. Many players did not find the perfect guide and for that, they thought LSPDFR Mod is not working. But in this guide, we will help you to understand each and every step to Install LSPDFR GTA 5 Mod on PC.

1.  Download the Latest File of LSPDFR from Here.

2. Now, download the Latest Rage Hook Plugin from Here.

3. Then, extract the LSPDFR file and Latest Rage Hook file into your GTA 5 folder. Doing this, the computer will ask you about overwriting the file, tick Yes and then proceed further.

4. Now, Go to the folder where you have extracted both the files and double click on the RagePluginHook.exe, this will start the Grand Theft Auto: 5 game.

5. Once the game has started, you will see the Police Station on the Map. Go there and enjoy this Police Mod.

That’s it. The process is not too techy. As you only have to follow the basic guide for the installation process.

How to Check and Change the Key Bindings in LSPDFR Mod

There are two ways for changing the Keybindings in LSPDFR. One is from the Game menu and the other one is Manually. Just Follow the steps below to do that easily.

1.  Open the start menu by Pressing the ESC from your keyboard on the running game mod.

2. Then, choose the “LSPDFR” option located at the top of the screen.

3. Now, select the Keybindings from the left-hand menu.

4. After that, choose the LSPDFR Main Keys. Then the list will appear where you can change the LSPDFR Control Keybindings easily.

The above process is easy as it can be done from the Main Menu. But the second process that is Manual can be done by modifying the keys.ini file. This is not recommended because a single edit error can make your game crash and you have to do all the steps again. So, do it through Menu mode as it is easy and safe.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is packed with lots of features itself. But with mods, you can even make it far better. This LSPDFR Control and Installation guide will definitely help you to take the advantage of the most demanding and popular game mod of GTA V.