Mee6 bot for Discord: Commands, Features and Guide

Mee6 Bot
Mee6 Bot

Discord has a lot of features including Discord Spoiler, Markdown Text, Funny TTS and the presence of different types of the bot. These all features make the Discord platform, a highly demanding and popular VoIP service. It is also popular among gamers as it helps them to stream their games online.

Gamers just love this feature because they can show off their gaming skill to various people by streaming online. But the most amazing feature that most of the users want is still missing from the official Discord application and that’s the reason Better Discord, a modded alternative version of Discord is gaining popularity.

Better Discord has several additional features compared to the original one. And the most loveable feature is Custom Themes and Plugins.

Yes, you heard it right! You can apply custom themes and plugins to your discord server to make your community more active and engaged.

For that, we have already prepared the guide about Best Discord Themes and Plugins along with the proper installation guide.

But the original version of Discord also has some of the best features that you barely get from any other VoIP platform. And the popular feature is Bots for Discord.

If you have a server and want to grow it by keeping it more active and engaged with audiences then you must need Discord Bots. There are several bots for different categories. For example, if you are searching for the best moderator bots you can go with Dyno Bot or Carl Bot. Similarly, If you want to listen to your favourite music and keep your community engaged then you can try Groovy Bot or Hydra Bot.

But Mee6 Bot is a growing multi-purpose bot that can fulfil your multi-task work.

So, let’s have a look at the Mee6 Bot for Discord.

What is Mee6 Bot

Mee6 bot is a multi-purpose bot that is used on more than 12 million servers. It is primarily used for moderating but also has some other cool features. It can even play music so you do not need to have a separate bot for playing music. Mee6 bot can also assign roles, welcome new members, and even provide the functionality to play some music quizzes.

It has almost all the features that a moderator needs to keep his community alive and engaged. You can play quizzes on music that will definitely amaze your friends as well. The Mee6 bot will organise a setup music sample and you have to guess the song info. You can challenge your friends in this game that will help you to make your community more engaged.

You can even try Dank Memer Bot that has been termed the best engaging bot by providing various features including memes and currency trading.

With Mee6 moderating features you can easily set up everything with a pre-made command or you will also get the option to use custom commands.

You can easily prevent spam by using this bot. And also you can block certain offensive words so that nobody can use them on your server. By doing this, the spam level in your server will definitely be reduced.

Mee6 bot also has a premium plan that provides some additional features. The premium plan will cost you $89.90 with a single time payment for a lifetime or you can also go with a yearly plan that will cost you $4.17/year.

With a premium plan, you can have features like welcome images, custom commands up to 500, role rewards based on XP, etc. So, go with any of the above plans to use some premium features in the Mee6 Discord Bot.

Now, we will discuss some of the best features that you can get from Mee6 Bot.

Mee6 Bot Features

There are plenty of features that you can get with the Mee6 Discord Bot. The dashboard has a simple interface where you can perform all the functions easily and make your community easily manageable. Below are some features of the Mee6 Discord Bot.

1. Welcome New Members

With this bot, you can welcome new members who just joined your server. You can design your own welcome message and take the advantage of welcoming members by making new members familiar with community rules and regulations and also you can make them aware of the topic or events on your server.

2. Social Media Alerts

Another interesting feature that you can barely get in any bot is alert for social media content. When any of your favourite content creators upload, stream or post any new update on Youtube or Twitch, Reddit and Twitter, you will get the notification in your community.

3. Visual Music Player

Mee6 Bot can also play music directly from other sources like Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, etc. You will have full control over the music player as it has visual graphics and with that, you can customize the player according to your desire by boosting volume or applying some cool sound effects.

4. Highly Customizable

The Mee6 Dashboard has tons of customization that help you to set the bot on the automode feature. So if you even remain offline it will do all the work like banning a member who spams your community, kicking out rowdy members and even sending them warning for some mistakes. So this bot is an All-in-One Discord bot for Multi-task.

5. Music Quizzes

This bot also has the features to organise music quizzes to keep your server more fun and engaged. Challenge your community members to take part in music quizzes and best each other. The bot will organise some short music samples. Then you’ll all have to guess the music and artist name to earn some points. In this way, you can keep your discord community more engaged.

The aforementioned are some of the most popular features of this bot. However, there are many other features as well that you can get from this multi-purpose bot.

So, now we will discuss the basic commands of the Mee6 Bot for Discord.

Mee6 Bot Commands

Mee6 Bot has various commands that can ease the moderating task and even helps you to keep your discord server engaged. Below are some of the basic commands that you can use in this bot.

  • !ban: This command will help you to ban any member.
  • !tempban: With this command, you can temporarily ban any member from your server.
  • !kick: Kick any user from your server.
  • !mute: Mute any user on your server.
  • !roleinfo: Get the role information if any user.
  • !unban: Unban the previously banned member.
  • !unmute: Unmute the previously muted members.
  • !warn: With this command, you can warn any member.
  • !play: This command will help you to play music from the queue list.
  • !search: This command will help you to search for any specific song.
  • !volume: Changes the volume level.
  • !skip: Skip to the next song from the queue list.
  • !join: Make this bot join your channel.
  • !leave: Make this bot leave your channel.
  • !start-quiz: With this command, you can start playing a music quiz.
  • !stop-quiz: This command will help you to stop the music quiz.

The above are some of the basic commands of the Mee6 Discord bot. If you want to explore more commands you can go to the Official Command Page of this bot where you can get all the list of commands.

So, let’s have deep look at how to invite and set up Mee6 Bot into your server.

How to Set up and Install Mee6 Bot

The installation process is pretty straightforward. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open your browser and go to the Official Mee6 Bot website and click on the “Add to Discord” button.

Invite mee6 bot

2. Now, log in with your ID and Password.

Login with ID

3. Then give the required permission and select your server from the list and then click continue and then authorize it to proceed further.

Add bot to Discord

4. Now, solve the captcha and it’s done. That’s pretty simple right!

So, now you have invited Mee6 into your channel and you are ready to utilize this bot to make your community more engaged.


Mee6 Discord Bot can actually help you to save your time by working in an automod feature. You can make your community more active by playing some cool music. Also, you can organise music quizzes to play with your friends.

You can also subscribe to its premium plan where you can get some additional cool features. The single-time payment will be cheaper if you want to use this bot permanently.