Minecraft Curse of Binding Guide: Everything About It

Minecraft Curse of Binding
Minecraft Curse of Binding

Minecraft Curse of Binding is a rare enchantment that is mostly used to troll a friend or any other player in Minecraft. When the Curse of Binding is applied to any armor, it will become next to impossible to remove which means this enchantment will bind the armor with any player until he dies. As many players wanted to remove the curse of binding so that they get rid of the armor that has been cursed and bound with them.

So, we have prepared this guide of Minecraft Curse of Binding to make you understand about in-detail about this cursed enchantment book, and how you can get cursed if Binding in Minecraft.

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This guide is compatible with all Minecraft versions including  Xbox, PS4, Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Nintendo Switch. So you can apply this guide by playing on any supported device.

Let’s discuss the Minecraft Curse of Binding.

What is Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Curse of Binding in Minecraft is a book enchantment that binds the cursed armor with any player who wears the item cursed with Curse of Binding. So, when any player wears the cursed armor it will become impossible to remove it from the player’s body until the player dies. However, certain ways can make it possible to remove the curse of binding from the armor but is only available in a hardcore mode not in survival.

What does Curse of Binding do in Minecraft

Curse of Binding does not have any good effect when applied to self armor as this curse makes it impossible for any item to remove from the armor slot. However, this can be fun by applying the curses to any other player’s armor and troll them as much as you like. But remember, you cannot remove any armor elements if you wear a cursed item. However, you can do so by being dead in-game.

How to get Curse of Binding

As Curse of Binding is a rare enchantment, it can only be obtainable as a treasured item. So, you can only find it from treasure boxes, fishing and by trading villagers for enchantment books. This cursed of Binding is extremely rare like other enchantments so you can only find it in a natural way 

Treasure chests contain several things like chest loot and other rare items including enchantment books. You can also try your luck with an enchantment that will increase your chance of finding treasure and rare items.

How to Apply Curse of Binding

You can add Curse of Binding enchantment to any armor by using an Anvil. Just place your armor piece in one slot and the curse of a binding book in the other and merge them together. This will curse the armor and make it bind with the player who wears it.

You can easily craft an Anvil by using 3 iron blocks in Minecraft along the top row. Then place an iron ingot in the centre slot and then 3 along the bottom row. This will craft an Anvil easily.

How to Remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Well, there isn’t any official method to remove Curse of Binding in Survival mode. The only known way to remove the curse from the armor is by dying in the game or having your armor piece reach 0 conditions, causing it to break.

So, the quickest way to remove the Curse of Binding is to place all your items in the chest, spend the gaming experience you want, and then die in the game. This will cause the item to drop and ultimately remove the curse. However, if you are playing in hardcore mode, you have to wear the armor until it eventually breaks.


As you understand now, What the Curse of Binding is and How it works. This curse when applied to any armor makes it bind with the player who wears it until the player dies. There is also another enchantment that will cause an item to vanish completely from the game world when a player dies. You can check that guide from here.