Minecraft Curse of Vanishing: Everything About It

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing
Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

Minecraft releases new features and powers in the game but a few years ago it released the most unique power that can cause an object to vanish completely after a player dies. Yes, you heard it right! Minecraft curse of vanishing is introduced by Mojang in the Bedrock edition.

The Minecraft curse of vanishing has been the most difficult part for players. When an item is enchanted with the curse of vanish, it will perform normal but the catch is that when a player dies and drops all their items, the enchanted items will permanently disappear from the Minecraft world. This contains almost all things including precious objects like diamond and netherite pickaxes.

As Curse of Vanishing is the rarest enchantment book you will find it very difficult while searching for it. The best thing you can do with this curse of Vanishing enchantment book is to troll your friends with whom you’re playing. You can simply apply the curse on any tools of your friends and they will lose it after dying.

If you also play PvP server, then this vanishing curse will help you by making everything disappear when they kill you. This will save your loot from being transferred to your friends.

Let’s discuss in detail Minecraft Curse of Vanishing.

What is Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft

The curse of Vanishing in Minecraft is an enchantment that causes an inventory or item to disappear from the game world permanently after the player’s death. It simply means when you enchant any inventory of any player their items like swords, trident, bows, and many other inventories will disappear and nothing can bring them back in the game.

The curse of vanishing enchantment was added in the 1.11 Java edition and 1.2.0 Bedrock edition. Basically, it was regarded as treasure enchantment which means you can only obtain this curse of vanishing enchantment from temples, dungeons, villages, etc. However, there is another way to get this enchantment book and that is through trading with librarian villagers.

Curse of Vanishing Supported Items

Curse of Vanishing can be applied to most of the tools and armours. Below is the list of items in which you can apply the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing enchantment.

  • Elytra
  • Bows
  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Shovels
  • Pickaxes
  • Crossbows
  • Hoes
  • Fishing Rods
  • Carrot on a Stick
  • Helmets
  • Shears
  • Leggings
  • Chest Plates
  • Shields
  • Boots
  • Tridents

The above items can be cursed with this enchantment. So make sure if you find any item cursed with Curse of Vanishing then that will also disappear upon in-game death.

What Does Curse of Vanishing Do

Upon applying the curse of vanishing on any inventory on a particular player that specifics will completely disappear from the Minecraft world upon the death-in game of the player. So, if you have any item enchanted with the curse of vanishing then that item will completely vanish when you die in the game.

Usually, when any player dies in the game another player or by getting damage falling then the items will drop on the ground but when this enchantment will be applied to any items that will not drop and will vanish completely upon the player’s death.

How to Get Curse of Vanishing In Minecraft

Getting a Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft is not as easy as you think. It mostly depends on your luck. However, the easiest way to get the Curse of Vanishing is by trading. By trading with the librarian of the village, you will unlock more trade options, increasing the chances of finding the Curse of Vanishing.

You can also find the enchantment by looking for Temples and Dungeons and search for their chests for finding this cursed book.

How to Remove Curse of Vanishing

If you have any item enchanted with Curse of Vanishing and you just wanted to disenchant it then there are the two easiest methods that can help you to remove the curse of vanishing.

Method 1: Find The Same item with Un-enchanted

This method is pretty simple as you only have to find the same item as the cursed one. If you didn’t find it then simply go to the crafting table and craft the same item using the same recipe as to how you made that item that has been cursed. Now, after getting or crafting the same item all you have to do is to merge both items (cursed and un-enchanted) in the crafting table. This will remove the Curse of Vanishing and also repair the damage of the item.

Method 2: Using Grindstone to Remove the Curse of Vanishing

This method used to work previously. However, you can also try this method to see whether it works or not in the current latest version. You can simply use the grindstone to remove the Curse of Vanishing but that will also remove the other enchantment from the weapon or tool along with the Curse of Vanishing.

Another method that works is setting the gamerule “Keepinventory set to true” then the cursed item will not disappear after the in-game death of the player.


The above are the in-detailed guide about Minecraft Curse of Vanishing that will help you to know every detail about it. If you want to try other mods, you can try Installing Optifine that will make your gaming graphics even better. You can further check Top 10 Guns Mods and Best 15 Light Sources in Minecraft also.