Minecraft Parrot Guide: Taming, Breeding and Perching

Minecraft Parrot
Minecraft Parrot

We all know that Minecraft is an incredible game with tons of amazing features. And Minecraft parrot is one of the rarest mobs that can be found in the jungle biome. The parrot was added in Minecraft version 1.12 and Minecraft java edition 1.12. Minecraft parrots can become your best companion in the game as they are harmless and passive mobs.

Parrots don’t do much in the game rather than being a friendly companion who sits on the player’s shoulder who tamed them. They can detect the rival mobs within a block radius of 20. When they detect the mobs, they can imitate the sound of that mob.

But before making it as your companion, you have to tame the Minecraft parrot first. So below is the comprehensive guide that will help you to learn about taming and breeding of the parrot.

Where to Find Parrot in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Parrots only spawn in the jungle biomes. To find the parrot you have to search almost everywhere. But the best way is to ensure that your sound is enabled. This is because parrots make loud noises and by this, you can find the parrot. However, chances of finding the parrot are extremely rare as they only spawn in groups 1 and 2.

The parrots in the Minecraft game can be found  5 different colours, which are Red, Cyan, Grey, Green, and Blue

How to Tame a Parrot

Minecraft parrot location

You can easily tame a parrot by feeding them different types of seeds. You can feed wheat seeds, melon seeds, beetroot seeds, pumpkin seeds. By continuously feeding them these seeds you will increase the chance of parrots being tamed. Once tamed, the parrot will sit on your shoulder by just walking through it.

They will remain to sit on your shoulder until you fall from heights or go near the watery area, or even enemies attack you, they will just jump off from the player’s shoulders. They can also follow the player by flying behind them. But they cannot fly for a long time. So, make them feed the seeds until they are tamed.

How to Put a Parrot on Your Shoulder

Putting a parrot on your shoulder is very much easy as you only have to walk through it nearby and it will automatically sit on your shoulder. But before making it sit on your shoulder, you have to tame them first by feeding them enough seeds.

Parrots can occasionally make their own decision to sit on the player’s shoulder. You can put a maximum of two parrots on each shoulder at a time. And they will be dismounted if you fell from heights, take damage, mount a horse, jump down steep terrain, etc.

How to Make Parrots Dance in Minecraft

Parrots can dance by placing down a jukebox and inserting a music disc. The parrots must have to remain within the 3 block radius. After playing music, the nearby parrots will start dancing. You will definitely be amazed by the dancing style of Parrots in Minecraft.

If you are playing music on a bedrock edition, then you can make parrots dance on your shoulder. So, just place the jukebox and start playing music to make parrots dance.

How to Breed Parrots in Minecraft

As parrots are the rarest mob in Minecraft they can only have an adult form. That means, they don’t have a baby form in the game and cannot be bred in the current update of the game. So, if you want more parrots, you have to find and explore them in the jungle biome. But for now, breeding parrots in Minecraft is impossible.

What do Parrots eat in Minecraft

Parrots in Minecraft mostly eat seeds. They can also be tamed with beetroot seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat seeds, etc. But keep in mind that parrots will instantly die if you feed them cookies.


With the above guide of Parrots in Minecraft, you can easily find and tame the parrots. Parrots are also experts in mimicking the voice of nearby mobs. They are non-aggressive with a health point of 6 and attack strength of 0. They can become your friendly companion throughout the gameplay.