Minecraft Trident: Crafting, Enchantments And Repairing

Minecraft Trident
Minecraft Trident

Minecraft brings new items in its update and after the Aquatic Update (1.13) in Java Edition Minecraft Trident was introduced as a rare drop that can be looted by killing Drowned enemies. It is one of the best weapons that can do potential damage to your enemies.

Trident in Minecraft can be used in both melee and ranged combat. You can also throw the trident by aiming and that can go up to 80 blocks. So, Minecraft Trident is a rare drop from Drowned enemies that you can find underwater.

So, let’s start the briefing guide on Minecraft Trident including Recipe, Enchantment and How to repair it.

Can You Craft a Minecraft Trident

Well, you will be disappointed here that you cannot actually craft a trident. There is no recipe that can help you in crafting this Minecraft Trident. Instead, you have to get this underwater weapon from the cold and dead hands of the Drowned mob that has been introduced in the Aquatic update along with the trident.

Trident in Minecraft is as powerful as Diamond sword. So, spending your time finding this rare drop will definitely be worth your time.

Now, you might be wondering, if you cannot craft a Trident then how can you get it? Let’s read further on how to get it.

How to Get Minecraft Trident

Minecraft Trident, being introduced in the Aquatic update, also brings one type of Zombie mob that spawns underwater and that is Drowned. These drowned, sometimes spawn underwater by holding a Trident into their hand. And to get the trident, you have to defeat them.

However, if you’re playing on Java Edition then there will also be a slim chance that you can get a Trident by killing these zombies. So, the only way to get the Trident in Minecraft is by killing the Drowned, a Zombie-like Mob that spawns underwater.

Minecraft Trident Enchantments

Trident can hold certain enchantments and that is also an excellent feature of this weapon. So, below is the complete list of all Minecraft Trident Enchantments.

  • Loyalty: This is one of the best enchantments that prevent your Trident from losing. So, whenever you throw your Trident it will return to you.
  • Riptide: Throwing a Trident under the water or in rain will allow you to transport. So, you can say you can fly with Trident using Riptide.
  • Channelling: When a Trident is thrown and hits the mob during the thunderstorm then the power of lightning will get summoned causing heavy damage to the mob.
  • Unbreaking: This enchantment will increase the durability of your Trident.
  • Mending: When your Trident is enchanted with Mending then the collected Experience Orbs will help you in repairing the Trident.
  • Impaling: This causes extra damage to the melee and ranged to aquatic mobs (except Drowned). In Bedrock Edition this will cause damage to all the mobs who remain underwater or in the rain.
  • Curse of Vanishing: This enchantment will make a Trident disappear from the Minecraft world upon the player’s in-game death.

The above is the enchantment that you can apply to the Trident. But a recent update caused the Riptide to remain not compatible with Loyalty and Channeling enchantment.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft

Nobody wants to lose the Trident as it is one of the rarest items in Minecraft that can be acquired by killing Drowned but the chance of getting that varies from 5%-8%. So, you might have understood how difficult it is to get the Trident and that is the reason everyone wants to repair their Trident so that they can keep it as long as they want.

There are 4 known ways by which you can repair a Trident in Minecraft. Some can keep the enchantment after repairing and some can remove it.

So, let’s explore all the methods that can help you in repairing a Trident.

Method 1) Repair a Trident With Anvil

If your Trident has enchantment and you want to keep it after repairing then you can do that by using an Anvil. Just put your enchanted Trident to the first slot and then add another table to the second slot. Now, you can easily pull out a repaired Trident from the Anvil by keeping all the enchantment.

Method 2) Repair with a Crafting Table

This method of repairing a Trident will remove all the enchantments from your Weapon. So, use this method only if your Trident does have any enchantment. To repair the Trident with a crafting table of 2×2 inventory grid, just combine the two Tridents from your inventory to pull out a repaired Trident.

Method 3) Repair Using Grindstone

You can also use this method to repair the Trident. But it will remove all the enchantments except for Curse of Vanishing. Just combine the two damaged Tridents into the Grindstone. This will provide you with a repaired one.

Method 4) Applying Mending to Repair

The last method that can help you to repair your Trident is applying Mending. Mending Enchantment can be acquired from loot, trading and fishing only and there is no alternative way. This Mending Enchantment repairs any item at the expense of Experience Orbs. So, if you have Trident with mending applied to it, then collecting Experience Orbs will repair it.


Minecraft Trident is as powerful as Diamond Sword. So, you repair your Trident to keep it with yourself as long as you want. So, if you want, you can also check our other guides like Top 10 Guns Mod and Best Brightest Light Sources in Minecraft to learn more about it.