Roblox Controls – With Keyboard and Mouse for Beginners

Roblox Controls
Roblox Controls

Roblox is one of the most popular games with 42.1 million users daily. But Roblox control is a bit hard if you are totally new to this game. Most of the people who start playing Roblox often fail to move any object because of a lack of guidance and that’s the reason we have prepared this guide to make you familiar with Roblox Controls.

Getting proper instructions to move any object in the game was not available some years back because no one writes about these topics. But now, Roblox has become one of the most playable games in the United States.

So, we are going to mention some of the basic commands of Roblox that can help you to ease your work while moving any object in the game. Roblox has some default keybinds that can provide you with the basic facilities to move, jump and change the movement of the Camera. Below are the by default keybinds.

How to Move in Roblox Game with Keyboard and Mouse

To move, you can simply use WASD letters from your keyboard and mouse to move. Here is the explanation for the WASD combination

  • W = Forward
  • A = Left
  • S = Backward
  • D= Right

For camera movement, you can press the key combination of RMB and rotate your mouse for 360° camera movement. You can also use the Space button to Jump. And at last, the key combination of LMB can be used to fire.

The above are the default keybinds that can be used to control the movement of your character in the game. The rest of the key combinations can be set by the admin. So, make sure you check out the game’s description to know every Roblox Control.

Let’s explore the Roblox Controls with Keyboard and Mouse in detail so that you can have a piece of complete knowledge about the buttons and movements.

What are the Controls for Roblox Game

Roblox has some standard control options like a regular PC. As we have already discussed, WASD can help you to move forward, backward, right and left. You can also use the spacebar for the jump. Numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0 can be used for switching items in the inventory.

Apart from these buttons, the rest of the key buttons are assigned by the admin of the game. So, let’s know in detail about the buttons and their movements from the keyboard and mouse for Roblox controls.

FunctionsControl KeyDescription 
Movement of the Characters WMove Forward
AMove Left
SMove Backward
DMove Right
Space BarTo Jump
Movement of CameraMouse Scroll WheelZoom In & Zoom Out
Hold Right Button of MouseTo Rotate
Menu ItemsTabPlayer List
EscMenu of Roblox Game
/For Chatting
Accessories Mouse Left ButtonFor using Tool
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0Equip and Unequip Tools

The above table might have given you a brief idea about Roblox Controls. Now, we will look at the method to customise the Roblox controls using Roblox Studio.

How to Customize Roblox Controls using Roblox Studio

If you want to customize the controls of Roblox then you’d definitely need Roblox Studio. But only the game admins have the privilege to modify the controls of Roblox games. So, if you are not the admin then you can’t change the in-game controls.

Let’s have a look at the steps to customize the control of the Roblox game.

1. Open the Roblox player and then run a test version.

2. After that select the StarterPlayer from the explorer.

3. Now navigate to properties option and scroll down to find the Controls and then under that look for DevComputerMovementMode.

4. Then, customize the control by looking at the below table.

You can modify the game controls on the desktop by just changing the value of the controls > DevComputerMovementMode.

Customize Roblox Controls through PC

  • Userchoice = With this input, you can allow players to choose their desired control method from the menu.
  • Keyboardmouse = This input helps to use WASD to move and Spacebar to Jump.
  • Clicktomove = This input allows players to only move the game world by right-clicking a location.
  • Scriptable = This allows you to customise the control script according to your desires.

The above modification is for PC. Mobile players can also change the game control by going into DevComputerMovementMode that is located under the Control option.

Customize Roblox Controls through Mobile

  • DynamicThumbstick = Thumbstick will appear whenever the player presses down.
  • Scriptable = This allows the player to customize control schemes.
  • UserChoice = This presents the features to choose the desired control technique by the player from the menu.
  • ClickToMove = This input allows the player to only move by tapping the particular location.
  • Thumbstick = With this input, a thumbstick in mobile the ps up in the lower-left corner of the screen.

That’s it. The control scheme helps you to customize the game controls button according to your comfortability. The aforementioned are the Roblox Controls guide with Mouse and Keyboard that may help you to play the game easily.


For beginners, the Roblox Control is a bit hard. But as soon as you learn to get adopted while playing the game you can easily understand the keybinds with its movement. We have tried our best to mention the control of the Roblox with the easiest ways. So, the beginners will find it easy.

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