Minecraft Scaffolding Guide: How To Craft, Use and Climb

Scaffolding in Minecraft
Scaffolding in Minecraft

Scaffolding has been introduced in Minecraft version 1.14 which is quite unknown to many. As using Scaffolding is a bit of a tough and complex process for many users, we have prepared this Minecraft Scaffolding Guide that will help you to understand what Scaffolding is and how to craft and use it.

When Scaffolding was introduced in Minecraft, players were so curious to know the in-detail guide about it. But there wasn’t much information about it on the Internet. But still, the using process and breaking process of Scaffolding is hard to understand for new players who just joined it and wanted to learn more about it.

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So, let’s discuss more about Scaffolding

What is Scaffolding in Minecraft

Scaffolding in Minecraft is a block that is used for building structures to help the players to reach higher places or to descend from higher places safely without any fall damage or getting hurt in the game.

Scaffolding in Minecraft looks like a wooden table in blocks. It is not very hard to craft as the player needs some bamboo and string which can be found in certain Biomes in the Minecraft game world.

How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

Scaffolding in Minecraft is simple and easy to make. All you need to find is 6 Bamboo along with 1 String. These two can easily help you in crafting Scaffolding. Open the Crafting Table and place 3 Bamboo in the left and right columns and then place a string on the top centre slot. After doing this, you will receive 6 Scaffolding.

Scaffolding in Minecraft crafting

As you have understood, crafting Scaffolding is pretty much easy. But obtaining Bamboo and String is a little bit tough. However, you can easily get the strings from Cobwebs or Spiders. But Bamboo might be harder to obtain as it can be only found in Jungle Biome.

Players also have to ensure that the crafting of scaffolding must be done on a steady flat surface and also have to make sure they were placed correctly. In case it doesn’t place properly, the player will fall from scaffolding leading their health to damage.

How to Use Scaffolding

Scaffolding has become the popular block that is used by thousands of players to ascend and descend from certain high places. You just have to build scaffolding on place or smooth ground by placing scaffolding one after another on each other.

To climb up, you have to walk into the scaffolding by standing in the middle of the scaffold tower. Then just hold the jump button (Space bar) on your PC to climb. You also stop at any block of scaffolding when you are pressing the jump button.

How to Break the Scaffolding in Minecraft

Breaking the scaffolding is one of the easiest processes as you don’t have to do much work. When you climb up the scaffold, you can simply descend from there by holding down the sneak button. So, when you descend from the scaffold, you can simply break it by destroying the bottom block.

By doing this, you can collect all the pieces similar to the cactus. All the pieces that broke from the scaffold, can be collected and reused in the game.


As Scaffold has arrived a few years ago, it’s already used by many Minecraft players. You can also read our other contents on the Minecraft Parrot Guide and Top 15 Brightest Light Sources in Minecraft to make your gaming experience more better.