Best 7 Textsheet Alternatives for Students to Try in 2022

Textsheet Alternatives
Textsheet Alternatives

Text sheet has remained the top-rated and leading platform for students that help them to provide answers and solutions regarding their assignment, homework and projects as well. Text sheet majorly used to get answers from experts regarding their assignment. And now students are seeking for textsheet alternatives as it is down.

Textsheet has been permanently shut down. This has caused students to seek alternatives to text sheets where they can get the same reliable and best solutions to their problems.

Text sheet has been a reputed website where students love to get answers. But unfortunately, text sheet is not working anymore and that’s the reason we have compiled the list of the best alternatives for a text sheet where students get answers to their problems.

Let’s explore some of the best alternatives to the textsheet. But before that, let’s know what the text sheet is and why it is not working.

What is Text sheet

Textsheet was an online educational website that offers students the opportunity to learn and solve their queries regarding their courses. Students just have to enter the URL of the course question or they can manually search for the question by typing into the search bar.

Textsheet persists to be the best learning platform for students but now most of them have been searching for textsheet alternatives. As it has been a trusted source for students they are searching for another trusted platform like textsheet.

Why text sheet is not working

Text sheet has been sued for copyright violations. It uses Chegg API to provide answers and that’s the reason it is not working anymore. The DMCA Copyright Violations made by Chegg caused the Textsheet to be taken down from the Internet completely.

Earlier most of the students rely on textsheet but as it is not working because of DMCA Copyright Violations, we have compiled the list of 7 best alternatives of textsheet that you can try and get the most accurate answers from the best experts.

List of Textsheet Alternatives for Students

Since the text sheet has been removed from the Internet, we are going to mention some of the top-rated platforms for students where they can get the answers to their arduous questions.

1. Slader (Now Quizlet)

Textsheet alternatives quizlet

Slader, now moved to Quizlet, is one of the most popular text sheet alternatives that have all the answers to all the questions with a stepwise solution. It is widely popular among American Students. Slader has answers to almost all of the textbooks of American Students but in case, if you did not find the answers, you can manually request one.

This platform mainly focuses on making students learn and interact with other students and also help them with their homework collaboration. It also offers applications that you can download from the App Store for more ease and convenience.

Slader has a good number of professors to help students regarding their academic issues. The company was founded in 2009 by Kyle Gerrity, Scott Kolb.

2. Course Hero

Best textsheet alternatives course hero

Another popular platform where students can get solutions to their academic problems. Course Hero has millions of study resources, homework helps, notes for students. This website has been established since 2006 by Andrew Grauer.

Students can access millions of solutions, obviously with a stepwise solution. They have more than 37000 professors, mostly from Canada and U.S, to help students regarding their academic problems.

3. Chegg

Chegg is one of the best text sheet alternatives on our list. This website has tons of solutions regarding students assignments and homework. Chegg was the one who sued Textsheet for copyright violation as Textsheet was using Chegg API for providing answers.

It is one of the most trusted and reliable sources that help students in completing their assignments more comfortably and faster. We must recommend if you are seeking an alternative to a textsheet.

4. Paper help

Another popular platform for students who want help in completing their assignments and homework. Students can contact professional writers to compose and finish their homework papers. More than 100k students love to make orders from as it offers plagiarism free content.

You will also get 100% Anonymity with 24/7 customer support. You can make a direct order with a discount and they will reach you as soon as possible. Their tag line also says the same.”Whatever paper you need – we will help you write it.”

5. Coursera


Coursera is a great platform for students and the best Textsheet alternative. This platform also helps the students in academic works. It was founded in 2012 by two professors of Stanford Computer Science with the aim of providing access to the world’s finest education platform.

Coursera has 40+ million learners that make it one of the best sites like textsheet. Coursera also offers the Application facility which can be downloaded from PlayStore and Apple Store for both android and iOS users.

6. Write My Paper Hub

Write my paper hub

Write My Paper Hub is another alternative to textsheet. It also offers assistance in academic matters. If you are looking for sites like text sheet then undoubtedly this website will help you to complete all your homework, assignments and academic work.

This website is great at delivering your assignment before the deadline you set. Your paper is written by experts. Also, they can provide you with all the necessary requirements to make your assignment more unique and advanced. 

7. Spark Notes

Spark Notes

Spark Notes has also been regarded as a good alternative to textsheet where students can have access to large literature questions-answers, summaries, novels, etc. It has claimed to be the best guide in subjects like Maths, Science, Literature, etc

Students can easily find test guides, essays, sample papers and also some translations of famous novels and literature writers. You just have to search for your desired question to get the answer to it.

The aforementioned list has been made by picking the best platform that you can utilize to make your study better and easier. You can go for Chegg or Quizlet as these are the two best options for Textsheet.


As Textsheet is not working anymore, we have tried our best to pick up the best alternative to textsheet. With the developed technology, students need some best guidance in order to complete their studies. And with the above options, you can choose the best one that won’t make you miss the textsheet.