Top 15 Best Brightest Light Sources in Minecraft in 2022

Top 15 Best Brightest Light Source in Minecraft
Top 15 Best Brightest Light Source in Minecraft

Light is an important element in the Minecraft game that allows the player to see in the darkness. Light sources mostly help a player when mining a cave. It also helps to survive in the darkness as most of the monsters roamed at a light level of 7.

There are 15 light levels in Minecraft. The level 15 light sources can provide you with the brightest light. However, in Minecraft, there are two light sources. One is Natural i.e, Sun and the other one is artificial i.e, Minecraft blocks.

The sun provides a global light level of 15, visible from the sky. Depending on the level of light, a hostile or passive mob will spawn in any area. Creatures like zombies, skeletons, creepers and witches will only spawn in a light level of 7 or below.

So, we have compiled the list of best light sources and worst light sources that can help you in different biomes or areas.

But if you are only searching for the brightest source of light in Minecraft then you might be amazed that the Sun is the brightest light source with a light level of 15. Though there are some artificial blocks as well that provide the same level of light but Sun provides the light in the daytime making everything visible.

So, now we will discuss some of the best brightest light sources in Minecraft.

1. Campfire

A campfire provides a light level of 15 and is mostly used for cooking. Campfires also produce a lot of smoke and can travel up to 10 blocks before disappearing but if you put hale bay below the campfire then it can work as a signal fire by travelling smoke up to 24 blocks. The players can also cook raw food through a campfire. Campfire was added in the Minecraft version of 1.14.

2. Endrod

Endrod is mostly used for decoration. But it is also working as a light source in Minecraft. Endrod can be found at the end of the cities. It emits a light level of 14. This light source element naturally generates all over the end cities. Endrod can be spawned sideways as well as upright. So, if you are searching for elements that can work as a decorative item or light source then Endrod is gonna fit in this.

3. Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns are a pumpkin that emits a light level of 15. It can be used as a light source at night or in dark places. Jack o’lantern can be naturally generated within Taiga or Snowy Taiga villages in the piles of pumpkins. Or you can also craft it manually by using a pumpkin and torch. Like other light sources, it also helps to melt ice and snow.

4. Furnace

Furnace is mainly used for smelting. Smelting is a procedure by which a player can obtain refined goods from raw materials by heating in a blast furnace, furnace, or smoker. Furnace emits a light level of 13 which is a good source of light. But you have to constantly burn it with coal. Furnaces can be found in places like deserts, plains, and savanna village weaponsmiths. It also generates in some houses in snowy tundra villages.

5. Torches

Torches are also a good source of light. It is a non-solid block that emits light with a level of 14. Torches can be found in Minecraft’s corridor, several rooms in strongholds, as part of village lamp posts. You can also make torches by using a single stick and a piece of coal is enough to make 4 torches. So, it is one of the common light source objects that can be found almost easily.

6. Redstone Lamps

Redstone Lamps can be crafted by using 1 glowstone and 4 Redstone. A Redstone lamp, when lit produces a light level of 15 but produces no light when it remains off. It does not melt ice and is slow and cannot catch fire. As it is a luminous object that can be crafted for a decorative purpose.

7. Sea Pickle

Sea pickle is another luminous object that can help you when you explore the underwater world. As you know most light sources like lava and fire will not work underwater. So, you can use sea pickle blocks to light under the water. A sea pickle is a  plant-like animal that resides underwater that emits light and is typically found in colonies of up to four sea pickles.

8. Lava

Lava block is one type of dangerous element in the game. As lava is a bright light source that emits with a level of 15. Lava is a common block that you can find almost everywhere. You can also find lava in small pools in the plain biome. So, this light source can help to keep away the mob spawn.

9. Beacon

Beacon is another brightest object with a light level of 15. Although, a beacon is one of the hardest objects to obtain as you have to destroy the wither that is considered to come as close-end to the game. It can melt ice and snow as well. When a beacon is activated it emits a beam of light into the sky that can be easily seen from a far distance.

10. Ender Chest

Another best light source that mainly works for storing items. It also emits light that means it has both the features to work as a light source and storage container. But it emits a light level of 7 that is not very helpful for players. However, if you place any item or elements inside an Ender’s chest you can access that item from any other Ender Chest. It helps in transferring items from one chest to another and also keeps them safe.

11. Glowstone

Glowstone is also the brightest object producing a light level of 15 in the Minecraft game. However, it is not easy to obtain. It is a light-emitting block that is commonly found hanging from ceilings and overhangs in the Nether. These are made up of 4 glowstone dust. So, this light source is beneficial and also won’t catch fire.

12. Lanterns

Lanterns are also a great source of light that produces a light level of 15 and can be placed almost everywhere. For example, you can keep it on a fence and even hang it from the walls. As it is the highest level of light it produces enough glow to fade away the darkness. They can be also crafted by surrounding a torch with iron nuggets.

13. Fire

Fire is one of the most dangerous light-emitting objects that can catch fire in its nearby items. To keep it safe, make sure you surround it with stone blocks and especially keep away the fire from the woods. Fire has a light level of 15 that can help you to keep away the mobs spawn. In the survival mode, you can create fire with a combination of flint and steel.

14. Soul Campfire

Soul Campfire is another lighting source object that emits a light level of 10. It produces one of the most beautiful lights with blue colour. Soul Campfire has the same look as a regular Campfire but it is distinguished in colour. It is also used as a decorative element in the Minecraft game. Soul Campfires can be found in soul sand valley biomes of the Nether. 

15. Conduit

The last element in our list of 15 best brightest light sources is Conduit. It is a beacon-like block that provides conduit power and is mainly used for attacking the hostile mobs underwater. Conduit emits a light level of 15 whether it remains on or off. It produces light not only on water but also on land as well. 


As Light plays an important role in the Minecraft game we have tried our best to sort out the best sources of light that you can find almost everywhere. The aforementioned list will help you to choose the best light-emitting source. You can also check out the guide of Best Guns Mod in Minecraft to make your gaming experience even more better.