What is Carrier Hub App – A Detailed Guide About It

What is Carrier Hub App
What is Carrier Hub App

Carrier Hub App may be familiar for you as your device already has this app pre-installed or you might land here to know a bit more about Carrier Hub App. Basically, it is an application available in the play store that offers features like VoiceOver Wifi (VoWi-Fi).

Despite providing this feature, several people thought of this as malware or virus. Well, if you are one of them, then this post will help you in understanding what a Carried Hub App is and Should You Download a Carrier Hub App if it is not on your phone.

Let’s explore the Carrier Hub Application in detail.

What is Carrier Hub App

Carrier Hub App allows the users to use VoiceOver Wifi (VoWi-Fi) feature on Android devices operating on Sprint/T-Mobile network. This application is available on Playstore and also assists in T-Mobile network engineering for customer-reported service concerns.

Basically, the Carrier Hub App uses the wifi for calling which means you can make calls from your Sprint/T-Mobile Network to other devices when you don’t signal or have a low signal.

As it uses IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs-based networks to make Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, it is a good choice to keep this application in your device if it comes preinstalled.

As of now, there are two applications available on PlayStore. One is Carrier Hub and another one is Carrier Hub Magenta by T-Mobile USA. They both offer the same features and that’s why Sprint merged with T-Mobile on 1st April 2020.

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But, not every user wants to keep this application as they thought Carrier Hub App was a Virus and causing the battery draining issue.

But let me clear your doubts about it. Carrier Hub Application is neither a virus nor it is responsible for draining too much battery. This application consumes more or less the same power, unlike other calling applications that use VoIP.

Is Carrier Hub a Virus

Carrier Hub is a system application that provides the features to make calls over Wi-Fi. However, in some devices, it came as a pre-installed application to provide this feature. And if it’s not pre-installed on your device, you may get the constant notification to download this application. This is the reason, most people think of the thought Carrier Hub app as a virus.

But this is not the actual fact. There is no evidence that it is malware or trojan. As it comes preinstalled, you can trust this application. This will neither cause any problems nor will it harm your device.

Certain issues were also reported by users claiming that it drains the battery too much with heavy power consumption. Well, it may happen but not always. This application sometimes runs in the background to connect to your local cell towers in order to provide a better calling experience, if made from this application.

But overall, Carrier Hub is not a Virus and you can keep it without any problems.

What is MCM Client Requests are Processing Notification

MCM stands for Mobile Content Management is a Processing request notification that commonly appears when the Carrier Hub app is installed. This notification option appears when you restart your phone. When you restart the device, the phone tries to connect to the cell towers and that’s the reason you see the MCM Client Request Processing notification on your device.

How to Uninstall Carrier Hub App

Carrier Hub comes as a pre-install application on most of the devices operating on T-Mobile. However, it can sometimes show the pop-up saying “Carrier Hub has unfortunately stopped” and to get rid of this issue you can simply clear the data and cache of the Carrier Hub application.

In order to do that, open your Phone Settings and navigate to the application and then find Carrier Hub and simply clear the cache and data. You can also click on the “Force Stop” button.

But if that doesn’t solve the problem of Carrier Hub crashing, you can disable it. Go to Setting > Application > Carrier Hub, and click on the disable button.

That’s it. Carrier Hub app will be disabled now and you cannot use the Voice over Wifi feature.


Carrier Hub is not a mandatory app that you should download if it is not installed on your device. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use the VoiceOver Wifi feature or not. Carrier Hub application is not a trojan so you can keep it on your device.