What is Com.Wssyncmldm – Everything About It

What is Com.Wssyncmldm
What is Com.Wssyncmldm

Android Mobile Phones come with tons of inbuilt applications that run in the background to provide uninterrupted services. Com.Wssyncmldm is one of those files that comes with inbuilt installed on Android mobiles.

However, the favicon or icon of Com.Wssyncmldm looks very similar to bloatware or virus. Many users who noted this application for the first time on their device, thought this was a virus or any kind of spyware and they tried to delete it.

But as this is an inbuilt application that is super hard to delete, they cannot delete it. However, deleting system files or applications may start giving errors in running some particular app service on your device.

So, this guide will solve all your query regarding What is Com.Wssyncmldm and What problems may be created through com.wssyncmldm.

What is Com.Wssyncmldm

Com.Wssyncmldm is a system application that came preinstalled on most Samsung Android devices. The main function of this Com.Wssyncmldm is to provide system updates by running in the background.

As this is an exclusive package for Samsung devices, the OS (Operating System) of your Samsung device makes it run on your device to check for updates.

Software updates add new features and functionality in any device and every device has its own packages that run in the background to check for updates. So, Com Wssyncmldm is an exclusive package for Samsung devices to check for new updates in order to provide better features and service.

Can You Uninstall Com.Wssyncmldm

Well, you can uninstall any system application with a rooted mobile phone. But, it is highly advised not to delete Com.Wssyncmldm as it can cause several other problems in your Samsung Mobile.

The OS of your device searches for updates and when any are available, it gives you the option to update. Although, if you delete this your device starts getting errors and crashes.

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However, there is also a common problem that is caused by Com.Wssyncmldm. it started crashing and displays the following message “The application Device management (process com.wssyncmldm) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

Below is the fix of the problem of the process com.wssyncmldm has stopped unexpectedly.

How to Fix Process Com.Wssyncmldm has Stopped Working Unexpectedly

This error is triggered due to various reasons. But the most common is when you tried to install any custom ROM, IMG file, kernel, or tried to uninstall any system application that is attached to software updating. However, sometimes it can also get triggered without doing anything.

So, we have prepared this extensive guide to fix the started crashing and displays the following message “The application Device management (process com.wssyncmldm) has stopped unexpectedly” error.

1. Clear Data and Cache

This is the first and foremost step that you should try when you get this error. This is the basic method and also does not require a lot of technical skills. To clear the cache, Go to Mobile Setting Menu > Application Manager > Search for Com.Wssyncmldm > Click on it > Clear Data and Cache. After doing this, also click on the “Force Stop” option in Com Wssyncmldm.

This might solve your problem and if not, then you can go with an advanced option. But make sure to move everything from your Internal Storage to your External Storage as this can delete everything including Contacts, Media, Settings, etc.

2. Factory Data Reset

This is an advanced option that will surely fix this error. However, it will delete everything from your Mobile Storage so be cautious and keep in mind what you are doing. If you have any important document or anything else that is important you should move all the files to your computer or any external storage like a memory card or pen drive.

To Factory Reset, Go to Your Mobile Setting > Search for Factory Data Reset Option > Click on Reset Everything.

That’s it. After clicking, the mobile will start formatting everything, and will take some time. So, be patient and wait until your mobile turns on. Then set up everything and congrats, the error of The application Device management (process com.wssyncmldm) has stopped unexpectedly has been successfully fixed.


You should not delete this file as this might create problems with your Samsung device. And if you get the error if it has stopped unexpectedly, you can try the above methods to fix this issue. However, if you are tech-savvy, you can also flash the Stock ROM in your Samsung device through Odin. This is one of the perfect solutions for fixing this issue.