What is Configapk App – Everything About It

Configapk app
Configapk app

Android is the fastest-growing platform that has billions of users worldwide. But have you ever tried to notice that every Android device has some pre-installed application. Along with that, you can also install several other external applications on your Android Mobile.

If you have landed here, you might have noticed the Configapk app running in your application list. Now, you might be wondering what is Configapk app and what is the work of the Configapk app.

Well, this is an essential application in any Android device that helps in the installation and uninstallation of apks (applications). So, if you are thinking of Config apk as a virus, then do not worry as this is an in-built application that comes pre-installed in Android devices to help in the execution Installation of apk applications.

Now, we discuss in detail about the Config Apk App.

What is Configapk App

Configapk fully abbreviated as Configuration Application is a system-in-built app. Android platform support .apk extension file as application and this Config Apk helps in successful execution of installation and uninstallation of the applications.

This is an in-built application with a mere size of less than 50kb that is responsible for the execution task of installation and uninstallation task of Apk (application package).

So, Configapk does not take up much space on your device. It also does not require any permission to run as it is a system application that only takes care of installation and uninstallation processes.

Is Configapk App a Virus

Configapk App is not a virus or Trojan. It is only an in-built system application that’s job is to execute application installation or uninstallation. This app starts running in the background whenever you try to install and uninstall any application. So, this app is neither malware nor a virus.

So, you don’t have to worry about it. However, some people still think this is a virus and are held responsible for slowing down their phone and draining too much battery.

Well, it’s not the truth, these apps only start running during the installation or uninstallation process. Other than that, it remains in hibernation until you install any Apk on your device.

As it runs for only a short time, just to execute the installation process, it cannot drain too much battery nor can it make your phone slow or laggy.

There are some other applications that came pre-installed but users thought it as a virus. In-built applications like com.qualcomm.atfwd, com.wssyncmldm, and DiagMonAgent are also considered as trojan by users but it is not. They are all important system applications that make your phone run smoothly.

Can You Uninstall this Apk

Well, you can easily disable Configapk app by going into Mobile Setting > Application > Configapk then click on disable. But we strongly recommend you not to disable this application as this might cause other applications to crash when installing.

As it is an essential Android application that does not require any system permission either it drains your battery faster. So you can keep it running in the background so that it can do its job during the installation process.


Configapk App is an in-built application accountable for the installation and uninstallation process. So, you should not worry about it as it is not a virus. It also does not drain the battery. So, should not uninstall Configapk App from your device.