What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

What is Steamworks Common Redistributables
What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks Common Redistributables is now showing on Steam media library and most of them wanted to know what it is and why it has been started showing in their steam library. As you know that Windows games are quite different from other platforms as it requires additional files as well to run the game smoothly.

Every game has its own configuration settings and additional files that make them perfect to run on Windows devices. Similar to that, Steam games also use additional files for all the settings and configurations.

As Steamworks Common Redistributable option has been started showing in the steam media library of players, most of them are getting annoyed from this option and want to get rid of it.

If you are one of them, then stick to the guide and we will help you to know what is Steamworks Common Redistributables and how you can get rid of this.

If you don’t know about Steam let me give you a quick definition of it.

Steam is a video game distribution service offered by Valves which was launched in 2003 with the aim of providing a cloud-based storage system to their users so that whenever they purchase any game through Steam they can play it on any Windows device. By this, they can save storage, bandwidth, and time as well.

Now moving forward, we will discuss Steamworks Common Redistributables.

What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks is a free set of tools/files that is available for game developers to use their software on the steam platform. These tools help to optimize the game’s setting to make it run smoothly on different devices. There are few files that are included in Steamworks Common Redistributable. These are:

  • Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • DirectX Redistributable
  • .NET Framework
  • OpenAL
  • PhysX

The above files are part of Steamworks Common Redistributables that work by bundling together and make the game run smoothly by downloading additional files of the game.

Before Steamworks Common Redistributables, developers had to manually write every file separately to install it as a part of the game. So, this creates lots of duplicate files on every update and that’s why this system came into existence to ease the developer’s work and make it flexible for them.

With this functionality, users can save their time and bandwidth that previously consumed a lot while updating the game or playing it on another device.

So, whenever you download any game that requires the same file components to run, they will simply use the files that are previously installed on your device and this saves bandwidth and time.

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When any updates arrive the Valve developers send them updates via OTA and users and install the update easily when patches become available. Steam can install Steamworks Common Redistributables for both 64-bit and 32-bit on a 64-bit system. So, you will not have any problem while updating it.

Should I Delete Steamworks Common Redistributables

The straight answer is “NO.” Steam is a cloud-based gaming platform that can store all your games in cloud storage so that whenever you purchase any game through Steam, you can play on different Windows devices. Steamworks Common Redistributables is an essential part that makes your gaming experience better.

It downloads the additional required files that are needed to run the game perfectly. If you delete this, you will start facing problems while opening the game. However, game can still download the Steamworks Common Redistributables files in the background.

So, you should not worry about it and let it remain in the library menu. However, we admit that it may annoy you. However, you can hide it from the menu and it will run in the background without bothering you. Follow the below guide to know you can hide it.

How do I Hide Steamworks Common Redistributables

Well, Steamwork is neither a virus nor any bloatware. As this is an essential file that should not be deleted from the steam library. However, if you wish to hide it, you can do so by following the below steps. But make sure to not to delete this file as this plays a vital role in your Steam games.

1. Open Steam and then hover to the library menu.

Library option for hiding Steamworks Common Redistributables file

2. Now, you will see the Steamworks Common Redistributables option, just right-click on it.

3. Then click on manage > Hide this Game.

Steamworks Common Redistributables option to hide

That’s it. You have successfully hidden the Steamworks Common Redistributables option. And it will not bother you again as it will run in the background. So you will not get annoyed or worried about Steamworks.


As you have understood What is Steamworks Common Redistributables and How much it is important for Steam Games. However, if you delete this file by mistake, the game can still download them again in the background in order to run properly.